Mind the Gap II: new insights into the Irish postglacial

Mind the Gap II: new insights into the Irish postglacial. 

Mind the Gap 2

Sleeman, D.P., Carlsson, J. and Carlsson, J.E.L. (eds) (2014) Mind the Gap II: new insights into the Irish postglacial. The Irish Naturalists’ Journal, Belfast, 150 pp.

ISBN 978-0-9569704-8-0

(published 27 November 2014, £16/€20 postage is additional)

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  • Introduction. By Sleeman, D.P. and Carlsson, J.
  • Ireland, an unexpected focus for genetic biodiversity and the ecological implications. By Sleeman, D.P.
  • The use of genetics to infer the origins of the terrestrial and freshwater elements of the Irish fauna. By Carlsson, J., Cross, T., McGinnity, P., Prodohl, P. and McDevitt, A.
  • Ireland’s native mammals: a survey of the archaeological record. By Woodman, P.C.
  • The origin of the Irish avifauna – a perspective from Island Biogeography Theory. By Kelly, T.C., Smiddy, P. and Graham, C.T.
  • The Eurasian Crane (Grus grus) in Ireland – another extinct bird or a key species for an ancient belief system? By O’Toole, L.
  • Post-glaciation plant colonization of Ireland: fresh insights from An Loch Mór, Inis Oírr, western Ireland. By Molloy, K. and O’Connell, M.
  • Breeding birds in Ireland: success and failure among colonists. Smiddy, P.
  • What Ireland’s soil macroinvertebrate fauna can tell us about postglacial colonisation. By Boland, R. and Bolger, T.
  • Never mind the gap: climate, rather than insularity, may limit Ireland’s species richness. By Harrison, S.
  • Did melting ice sheets create temporary low-salinity corridors that facilitated the natural colonization of Ireland by stenohaline fishes? By Quigley, D.T.G.
  • Origin of the Holocene mammals of ‘these islands’. By Montgomery, W.I.
  • Glossary