Who we are

The Irish Naturalists’ Journal Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee producing a journal and occasional publications on Irish natural history since 1925. Academic institutions, government bodies and museums support the journal.

What we do

The Irish Naturalists’ Journal (ISSN 0021-1311) has been published every year since 1925. It is unique in scope and content, covering all aspects of natural history, and is the official journal of the established field clubs.

This scientific journal publishes short papers and notes on a wide range of topics relating to the natural environment of Ireland, including botany (e.g. rare species, plant communities), zoology (e.g. invertebrates, fish, mammals, birds), geology (e.g. palaeontology, regional geology, mineral records), obituaries and book reviews.

Authors include staff and researchers at universities, colleges, museums and government bodies as well as members of field clubs and independent naturalists. All contributions are peer reviewed. The Irish Naturalists’ Journal is distributed to libraries throughout the world, as well as the contents being abstracted and quoted in other journals. There is a full digital archive online.

You can search the contents of The Irish Naturalists’ Journal at Irish Natural History Literature hosted by National Museums Northern Ireland.