Irish Naturalists’ Journal (INJ)

INJ has been published continually since 1925. Volumes are available through annual subscription to INJ, or online through JSTOR. Many previous issues are also available for the cost of postage.

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Occasional Publications

The Irish Naturalists’ Journal Ltd. publishes occasional standalone works on aspects of the natural history of Ireland. These Occasional Publications are issued as part of subscription, or available for individual purchase.

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You may order back issues of individual parts of the Journal by completing an order form. Early parts (if available) are available free and you only have to pay for postage. From Volume 29 (2008) each Volume costs £13/€18 plus postage.

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Irish Naturalists’ Journal 1939

Availability of issues of the Journal:

You can search for content in the complete Irish Naturalists’ Journal bibliography at Irish Natural History Literature hosted by National Museums Northern Ireland. All Irish Naturalists’ Journal publications more than three years old are available online through JSTOR here.

Many parts are still available as original stapled issues with covers. Some are only available unbound or as photocopies. We do not supply missing parts, just those listed below.

All recent issues have full availability, for earlier issues, see available parts listed below.

Volume Bound Unbound Photocopy Missing
1 1,2,7-14 Index,3 4-6
2 Index,2-6,8,10-12 1,7,9
3 3-6,8-12 Index 1,2,7
4 Index,2-12 1
5 Index,3,4,6-9,11,12 1,2,5,10
6 1-5,7-11 Index,6,12
7 Index,6-12 1-3 4,5
8 Index,2,3,11 5,9,10,12 1,4,6-8
9 4,6,9-11 1,3,8 Index,2,5,7,12
10 Index,6-8,10-12 1,2,4,5,9 3
11 Index,1,3-12 2
12 2,3,5-8,10-12 4 Index,1,6,9
13 Index,2-9,11-12 6 1,10
14 Index,2-5,7,8,12 10,11 1,6,9
15 Index,3,7,8,10-12 2,5,6,9 1
16 Index,1,2,4,5,7,8,10-12 3,6 9
17 Index,1-12
18 1-4,7-12 Index,5,6
19 1-12 Index
20 Index,2-12 1
21 Index,1-12
22 1-11 Index,12
23-28 All parts available
29 All parts available £13/€18 each