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Irish Naturalists’ Journal 1939

Availability of issues of the Journal:

Many parts are still available as original stapled parts with covers. Some are only available unbound or as photocopies. We do not supply missing parts. All of these are available online here.

All recent issues have full availability, for earlier issues, see available parts listed below.

Volume Bound Unbound Photocopy Missing
1 1,2,7-14 Index,3 4-6
2 Index,2-6,8,10-12 1,7,9
3 3-6,8-12 Index 1,2,7
4 Index,2-12 1
5 Index,3,4,6-9,11,12 1,2,5,10
6 1-5,7-11 Index,6,12
7 Index,6-12 1-3 4,5
8 Index,2,3,11 5,9,10,12 1,4,6-8
9 4,6,9-11 1,3,8 Index,2,5,7,12
10 Index,6-8,10-12 1,2,4,5,9 3
11 Index,1,3-12 2
12 2,3,5-8,10-12 4 Index,1,6,9
13 Index,2-9,11-12 6 1,10
14 Index,2-5,7,8,12 10,11 1,6,9
15 Index,3,7,8,10-12 2,5,6,9 1
16 Index,1,2,4,5,7,8,10-12 3,6 9
17 Index,1-12
18 1-4,7-12 Index,5,6
19 1-12 Index
20 Index,2-12 1
21 Index,1-12
22 1-11 Index,12
Year Occasional Publication Availability
1964 Index   to volumes  1-12 (non-interleaved edition) Available
1964 Index   to volumes  1-12 (interleaved edition with blanks for notes) Available
1972 J.K. Charlesworth Recent progress in Irish geology 1925-1958 Available
1972 J.K. Charlesworth Recent progress in Irish geology 1959-1971 Available
1985 B.P. Beirne Irish Entomology: the first hundred years Available
1986 J. Harron Flora of Lough Neagh Available
1994 P. O’Sullivan Bats in Ireland Out of print
1996 P.J. van Helsdingen A county distribution of Irish spiders, incorporating a revised catalogue of the species Available
1997 R. Anderson, R. Nash and J.P. O’Connor Irish Coleoptera: a revised and annotated list Available
2000 P. Allen, I. Forsyth, P. Hale and S. Rogers Bats in Northern Ireland Available
2008 J.L. Davenport, D.P. Sleeman and P.C.Woodman (eds) Mind the gap: postglacial colonization of Ireland Available
2009 G.L. King and S.D. Berrow Marine turtles in Irish waters Available
2012 F. Butler and C. Kelleher (eds) All-Ireland Mammal Symposium 2009 Available
2013 K. McAney, C. O’Mahony, C. Kelleher, A. Taylor and S. Biggane. The Lesser Horseshoe Bat in Ireland: surveys by The Vincent Wildlife Trust. Available
2014 Sleeman, D.P., Carlsson, J. and Carlsson, J.E.L. (eds) Mind the Gap II: new insights into the Irish postglacial. Available