Guidelines for Contributors

Publishing with The Irish Naturalists’ Journal Ltd

Contributions concerning any aspect of Irish natural history are welcomed. The Editor will always be pleased to advise an intending contributor on the preparation of a manuscript for submission. Email [email protected] with any queries.

In addition to the annual Journal, INJ publishes occasional volumes dedicated to specific aspects of Irish natural history. If you have an interest in this please start by discussing your ideas with the Editor. Occasional Publications are intended to be self-financing and authors are normally expected to cover all costs.


Contributing to the Journal

The Irish Naturalists’ Journal publishes papers, notes, and records on all aspects of Irish natural history and on other topics of direct interest to Irish naturalists. It also publishes reviews of books that have a relevance to Irish natural history, and obituaries. Contributions to the Journal are subject to peer review by one or more anonymous referees who will advise the Sectional Editor on the suitability of the contribution for publication in the Journal.

These Instructions To Contributors are intended to guide authors who should also look at a recent issue of the Journal. The Journal particularly welcomes contributions from beginners, and these notes are primarily intended to aid those writing papers or notes for the first time. It is hoped, however, that they may prove of use for more seasoned authors as well.

For both notes and papers the essential requirements are the same:

  • that all the information offered is worth publishing;
  • that the article is written so as to convey this information clearly;
  • that the article conforms to the format and size of the printed Journal;
  • and to its style
  • the submission as a Word document uses minimal formatting.

Papers may be either papers presenting an author’s original work or review papers.

Click here for detailed instructions to contributors.